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Our Goal And Mission

We are here not for income, but for outcome

Deep VidyaMandirSamiti (DVMS),Dausa came into existence in 1993. The main thrust of DVMS is to organize various socio-economic, educational and health-promoting activities aimed at improving the quality of life of deprived and under privileged people of the society. Understanding the need of the times DVMS works in the areas of literacy, conscientization, health, saving banks, resource mobilization, self-employment, advocacy and lobbying, environment, clean drinking water and sanitation, Rehabilitation of disabled children, loan, vocational training, education, etc.

Sabaka Ghar Seva Samiti

Sabaka Ghar and other many projects run under the Sabaka Gahr Seva Samiti. We are planning to establish different different samities to every one block of India.

Our Main Issues

We are always open to your ideas and suggestions